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Raising the Standard: The Importance of Quality Assessment Processes in Foster Care Reviews

Moving Beyond 'Tick and Flick' Assessments 

The traditional approach to foster care reviews often involves quick assessments which prioritise ticking off boxes rather than truly understanding the dynamics of the foster care environment. This 'tick and flick' approach fails to capture the complexities of foster care and may overlook crucial factors affecting the well-being of children and carers alike.  


Building Rapport through Multiple Visits and Interviews 

Quality assessment processes recognise the importance of building rapport with foster carers over time. Instead of a one-time visit, multiple visits and interviews are conducted to establish trust and create an environment where carers feel comfortable sharing their experiences openly. These deep and unhurried interactions allow assessors to gain deeper insights into the dynamics of the foster home, identify any challenges or needs, and provide appropriate support or recommendations.  


Respectful Engagement with Young People 

Central to quality assessment processes is the respectful engagement with young people in foster care. Our assessors prioritise building relationships and creating spaces for authentic engagement through play, therapeutic activities, conversations which unfold without pressure over multiple sessions, and the use of modern technology. This approach not only fosters trust but also increases the likelihood of young people feeling comfortable disclosing their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with an assessor they did not previously know. 


Collaboration with Professionals 

Assessors recognise foster care is a collaborative effort involving various professionals, including teachers, specialist services and allied health professionals. By engaging with these professionals, assessors gain a holistic perspective of the foster care environment, ensuring assessments are comprehensive and reflective of the child's needs and experiences. 


Are you looking to enhance the quality of your foster care assessments and reports? Explore how our dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) team can help.

Visit our services page and download our QA flyer to learn more about our objective, independent review services provided by skilled, experienced practitioners.  


Kelly Wright, Team Leader


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