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Neurodiversity Celebration Week 18-24 March

At SCS, we proudly celebrate Neurodiversity Week by recognising and honouring the diverse talents and strengths of our team members who identify as neurodiverse. Each individual brings a unique perspective and skill set to our team, enriching our workplace culture in invaluable ways.

We have a number of staff who have children who are neurodiverse, and we recognise that they are little super humans, and we admire their resilience and creativity! 

We also recognise that many of the children we work with are neurodiverse, and this week, we want to shine a spotlight on the importance of respecting, advocating for, and promoting equitable access, opportunities and achievements for all individuals, regardless of neurodiversity. 

Join us in celebrating Neurodiversity Week and embracing the diverse strengths and talents that make our community and workplace truly unique and remarkable! #neurodiversityweek2024



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