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Tash’s Story (Short Film)

Please watch the short film, being mindful its content may be upsetting or at the least unsettling, as it takes you through the journey of a child coming into care due to abuse and trauma. This is Tash’s story, as told and illustrated by her. Ensure you take the time needed to review this and then reflect on the questions below. This is best done when you have plenty of time and are not in a rush. Your answers will be sent through to your assessor for review and reflection at your next assessment interview. If the content is extremely distressing for you, please do not continue, seek assistance and support from those within your support network, contact your assessor or contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Tash’s first memory is violence, it was her father pushing her mother against the kitchen stove, she was two or three years old.

Tash grew up a survivor of violence and wants children and young people to know that your origin is not your future… your origin is not who you will be. This is Tash’s story, as told and illustrated by her.

Trigger warning: Some viewers may find the content in the film distressing as it contains detailed descriptions of family violence, abuse, neglect and suicide involving children and young people.

For media enquiries please contact:, Narrated, Illustrated and Directed by Natasha AndersonProducer: Amelia Phillips

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