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We're in the business of 'making a difference'.

Do you know that we are MORE than a foster and kinship care assessment company? We are consultants, trainers, practitioners, support workers, coaches, mentors, leaders and disrupters in our field!

Of course we KNOW assessments. But did you know we also offer consultancy, training, project and support services to organisation’s individuals, families, children and young people. 

We don’t just deliver, we EMPOWER.

Our team is not only built from highly skilled, highly experienced and highly knowledgeable people. We are also proudly built on passion, diversity, empathy, grit, loyalty and a steadfast commitment to do what is right. 

And we’re not only in the business of delivering specialist child protection services. We’re in the business of MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

Looking for a new perspective? Need an innovative solution to a complex challenge? Want to upskill your team? That’s where we come in! We are your partner in progress, offering a range of specialist child protection services to meet you or your organisation’s unique needs. 

Reach out. We'd love to hear from you.

0423 826 543



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