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Navigating Crisis: A Case Study in Community Resilience

In the face of adversity, communities often come together in remarkable ways. Our recent collaboration with an early education childcare provider exemplifies this spirit of resilience and unity in the wake of a challenging event. Here's how it unfolded.

An early education childcare provider approached us, requesting support in how to help families in the centre manage a difficult, upsetting event that had occurred. We worked with the centre in how best to inform the families, and supporting staff as they experienced the grief and loss alongside of the families in their centre. We then facilitated a ‘town hall’ meeting for families to drop in, express their views and receive professional support in a safe environment.

This was a powerful experience as family members came together, openly talked about their emotions, their worries, their frustrations, and also their hopes for the future, alongside of staff, management and owners.

Using the feedback from this unifying, engaging session, we worked with the centre staff to update and re-write policies, developed and delivered bespoke training to Educators, and also provided leadership training for the management team. Being able to provide a responsive, wrap-around service that met the needs of the service ensured the products delivered were individualised, beneficial and fitting for the team and their clients.

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