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Graduation ~ Queensland Leaders

Here at SCS, we’re confident in our expertise as thought leaders and change makers in the child protection and early education training and support space.

But as we are social workers who have built this team up from one to over 65 staff across two countries, we recognise that we are not experts in marketing, digital, tech, finance, HR, business, legal or any of the other specialities you need when running a business.

So, in 2023 we joined Qld Leaders, a dynamic community of business owners and leaders, so we might surround ourselves with skilled professionals who could in turn help us strengthen our skills, knowledge and expertise. Its been a fantastic 12 months and last night, Carmen Bonner (Director) and Mel James (CEO) ‘graduated’ their first foundational year at Qld Leaders.

We acknowledge the expert leadership and guidance provided by Qld Leaders’ CEO Stephen Beirne and the founder James Paulsen, and the myriad of business owners who have generously shared their wisdom with us:

  • Mel Langton, HR Specialist, Exceler8

  • David Mullins, Partner, Mullins Lawyers

  • Jack Perlinski, CEO, DAIS Brand Strategy Advisors

  • Natasha Rae, CEO, Relationships Australia (Qld)

  • Rebecca Culverhouse, CEO Accoras

  • Phoebe Wright, Co-Founder & Creative Director, Whitespace Marketing

  • Tim Burton, Director - Microcredential Unit, Bond University

  • Bill Owens, Managing Director, Veracity

  • Anthony Jones, Owner, Templetons Financial

  • Darren Gillies, Specialist Group Lead, MAPIEN

  • Ben Watts, CEO, WattsNext

  • Peter McKeon, Founder & CEO, Salesmasters International

  • Kay Ridge, LinkedIn Marketing Strategist, Kay Ridge Marketing

…amongst many others.

We look forward to joining the alumni of Qld Leaders and remaining part of this dynamic and engaging community!

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