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Earlier this year at the SCS Annual Conference, the team participated in a heart-warming activity created by Dalmarri.

Dalmarri, led by the incredible Jason and Trevor, is an Indigenous owned company specialising in educating, teaching and engaging to the oldest civilisation on earth, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and its culture. Dalmarri create programs/talks/workshops suited to any organisation and can tailor specific courses to their own individual needs.

They provided us the guided instructions and explanation to build our very own team-created Aboriginal-inspired art piece. Unconditional Love, by Dalmarri, represents the love of the Mother. The connection she has with her spiritual beliefs, her culture and her love of her children and extended families. We couldn’t think of a more appropriate piece to paint together, as a predominantly female team, with 75% of us mothers and/or grandmothers, to really highlight our connection to our work as practitioners supporting children, young people and families engaged in the child protection system.

The recreated Unconditional Love piece now hangs proudly in our North Brisbane office, to remind us all of the respect due to the children and young people of the child protection system, of the overrepresentation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in the OOHC system, and our duty to acknowledge, respect and celebrate the First Nations people of this land of ours.

Always was, always will be.

‘Unconditional Love’ in progress



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