Welcome to our E-Learning tools. Over the past 10 years since we have been providing foster and kinship care support services to Queensland, New South Wales and beyond, we have consistently heard carers ask for affordable, accessible and reliable training which fits in with their busy timetables. We are proud to present our first 3 training options and hope you enjoy the first of our E-learning series.

These range from 15-20 mins webinars on current topics of interest. They include:

  • Compassion Fatigue
  • Smacking

We also have a 2-part training module of approximately 45 mins in length called Why Aren’t Kids Grateful? to help carers build a better understanding of why children present as ungrateful at times and how to support children in their growth and development after trauma.

Please be mindful we have worked hard to keep costs low to ensure access to these by all carers throughout the country, regardless of location or need. Webinars and the training module can be purchased and streamed for individual use and is not to be used in group settings, due to the reflective nature of each training piece. For agencies or teams wanting to stream these for group training or carer sessions, please contact Social Care Solutions at admin@socialcaresolutions.com.au for special access.

We love your feedback so feel free to email us on the above email address with your thoughts, comments or suggestions after viewing your webinar.

Note: Some of the content may be upsetting to view or consider, given how the nature of the E-learning series is about helping carers to care for children and young people who have suffered trauma. If at any point you require support, please contact your case worker or seek assistance through Lifeline on 13 11 14 for crisis support.

No copying, reproduction nor mass showing of the e-learning tools are permitted. Social Care Solutions retains full Intellectual Property (IP) for these training packages and requests any copying, changes or adaptions be made with permission only. The package remains the property and IP of SCS regardless of any changes requested.



Compassion Fatigue

If you, your partner or someone you know appears to be struggling with the fostering role, this is the webinar for you. Only 20 mins long, it offers an introduction to Compassion Fatigue; what it is, how it presents and what you can do about it, in realistic, straight-forward steps. With the fostering role often complex, emotive and increasingly challenging, this may be just what is needed to help if you or a carer you know is feeling stressed, stretched or overwhelmed within their caring role.




This is an overview of the historical and current research on the use of smacking. There is no debate; smacking and physical discipline of any kind is harmful to children who have suffered trauma. Be informed about the research behind this so you can guide your own parenting and support those around you to be trauma-informed. This offers practical, simple alternatives for behavioural management so you don’t need to revert to this outdated and harmful mode of punishment.

This webinar is 25 mins uses everyday language, so you can easily take on board the information and put the strategies into action.



Why Aren’t Kids Grateful – 2 part module

Split into two modules of approximately 20-25 minutes each, you can easily watch and absorb the message of how to be trauma-informed when faced with unruly, challenging children who appear disrespectful and unappreciative despite all you have done for them.

$100 total for both