Covid-19 has thrown many challenges our way yet our staff, colleagues, peers, clients and families, or anyone affected by this pandemic, remain close to our hearts and never far from our minds. SCS has worked tirelessly with our partners to ensure we maintain appropriate health standards and requirements to keep our staff and our clients safe and healthy at all times.
Despite the great difficulties of this period of time, we are thankful for a number of moments and feel the need to share and show our appreciation. Firstly, we have just this week reached 50 staff members! We are thrilled to have grown to this size through careful planning and mindful development. Secondly, we are very grateful and thankful for being acknowledged for our hard work and being granted a state government Covid-19 adaption grant for small business. We’ll be putting it to good use to build our automated booking system on our website which should be live shortly. Finally, Mel James our Director has again this year (for the third year running) been nominated and made it to the finals for the AusMumpreneur awards, recognising her incredible feat of being a busy mum of three whilst building and maintaining SCS. We wish her well in the finals this week!