Social Care Solutions offers a wide range of training solutions and welcomes the opportunity to create tailor made packages to meet your unique requirements. We have recently expanded our services to include online training modules, hosted masterclasses, webinars and e-learning tools. We recognise staff and carers especially have limited time and finances to attend days of expensive training, often some distance away. Carers have told us they want short, accessible, effective and engaging learning opportunities and so we have commenced building the training calendar for the year ahead. We will deliver some in collaboration with our partner agencies and services.

Current training timetable:

Assessment Writing Workshop 11 and 14 May FULLY BOOKED
Having Difficult Conversations 28-May-20 FULLY BOOKED
Renewals 01-Jun-20 1 spot left
Grooming 04-Jun-20 FULLY BOOKED
Having Difficult Conversations 10-Jun-20 FULLY BOOKED
Hearing children and Young People’s voices in assessments 11-Jun-20 FULLY BOOKED
Hearing children and Young People’s voices in assessments 12-Jun-20 FULLY BOOKED
Having Difficult Conversations 12-Jun-20 FULLY BOOKED
Grooming 15-Jun-20 Open
Renewals 17-Jun-20 FULLY BOOKED
Grooming 19-Jun-20 FULLY BOOKED
Assessment Writing Workshop 18 and 19 June FULLY BOOKED
Assessment Writing Workshop 22 and 24 June FULLY BOOKED
Having Difficult Conversations 25-Jun-20 FULLY BOOKED
Having Difficult Conversations 26-Jun-20 FULLY BOOKED

Our July training schedule will be released in the first week of June.

If you have any queries about the above training options, or would like to register your interest to attend any, please contact us at


** NEW ** Online Masterclasses

Short, easily digestible, targeted and evidence-based information developed and delivered by the Director Mel James and the SCS trainers. These are geared to specific topics and are delivered via Zoom to make them accessible to everyone. If you are a foster care assessor, case worker or have an interest in high quality assessments in the sector, these are for you.

Topics for Masterclasses include:

  • Having Difficult Conversations
  • Grooming
  • Reviews/Renewals
  • Culturally Competent Assessments (with our Cultural Liaison Officer)
  • Case Scenarios and other forms of ‘evidence’
  • Working Remotely
  • Hearing the voices of children and young people

Other Masterclass topics can be developed and delivered according to your specific agency or team’s needs.

We have received great feedback about our recent ACES Masterclasses:
“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and feel I have gained a lot of useful knowledge to help me evolve in my role. I am extremely passionate about finding carers that will engage and support children in a positive manner and I definitely think the more thorough and in-depth we can be on our initials the more we can ensure our little humans are cared for in the best way possible.”
“Thank you so much Mel.  I will be using this tool for all my initials, renewals and even conversations during home visits.”
Thank you Mel, the training this morning was awesome!”

Qld Quality Care Pre-Service Training

We are proud facilitators of Quality Care: Pre-service training modules 1-7 and can provide them within group and individualised settings as needed. Please see our Testimonials page for positive feedback from our previous participants.

Step by Step – Shared Stories, Shared Lives

We have team members from NSW and Tasmania who can deliver up to date Shared Stories, Shared Lives training for your foster and kinship carers. Our team have completed the most recent upgrade in the training, delivered by CCWT in Sydney.

Trauma Informed Care

We are committed and passionate to increasing staff, carer and family knowledge regarding trauma and its effects on children and young people. We have trained facilitators in some of the most up to date training relating to trauma and working with children (such as the TWI’S Three Pillars of Transforming). We can individually tailor trauma-based care training to your staff, carer or agency’s needs. We can provide this training in group settings, during team meetings, or even one-on-one in a family’s home if that is the best option to meet the family’s needs.

Myers Briggs: Enhancing Communication and Team Work

We have an accredited facilitator of the Myers Briggs training and can offer this fun, interactive workshop to your team, to assist with communication, conflict resolution and team dynamics. On-site, small, large or individualised packages are available.


Also available…

  • Assessment Writing Workshops
  • Culturally Sensitive Practice
  • Challenging & Confrontation: Essential Skills for Child Protection Practitioners
  • 1, 2, 3 Magic & Emotion Coaching
  • Engaging Adolescents
  • CARE
  • Circles of Security
  • Cultural Mindfulness
  • Meaningful Case Work for practitioners
  • Planning Life Story Work
  • Supporting Family Contact/Working with Families of Origin