The feedback we’ve received in relation to our training and our assessments has been positive and affirming.

Assessment Writing Workshop

On completion of the Assessment Writing Workshop, participants shared:

  • “I’ve been doing foster and kinship assessments for 15+ years and this training was a great re-fresh. It was engaging and interesteing so I think very well done. I’ve done various training on assessment writing over the years and this was definitely the most relevant and helpful. Thanks a lot!”


Transforming Care: Trauma Informed Care Training

On delivery of Transforming Care: Trauma Informed Care, participants said the following:

  • “The presenter was great, easy to talk to.”
  • “Training was delivered in a very respectful, non-judgmental way. It was well presented.”

What did you like best about training?

  • “The relaxed and informative way the course was delivered.”
  • “It was very well presented – easy to understand. The examples given helped to explain the theory.”

How well did this course help you in your role as a foster carer?

  • “Awesome!! Very easy to understand and the facilitator’s stories backed up the message that was being put across.”


Quality Care: Pre-service Training

On delivery of Quality Care: Pre-service training, participants said the following:
What did you like best about the training?

  • The facilitator allowed participants to actively engage, question and share the whole way through
  • I liked the interactive activities, the presenter’s manner and her knowledge
  • It had a very lively atmosphere and I enjoyed the activities played in the training. The videos were great too as they showed us how to understand the different situations the child will come from.
  • I thought it was presented really well.


Foster Carer Assessments

On the provision of specialist foster care assessments and the delivery of training, one of our referring agencies made the following comments:

  • “We are committed to using the services of Social Care Solutions as the quality of their work to date has been second to none.  The assessment and training that we have contracted to Social Care Solutions is always of the highest quality, reflecting positively on our company while affording us the opportunity to grow and meet the demands of the sector.  Social Care Solutions is run efficiently with a focus on gaining the best outcomes not only for the contractor but also the foster carers we recruit.  Feedback from these foster carers has always been positive and we have received several comments identifying the valuable learning that applicants have received throughout the assessment process with the Social Care Solutions team.  The positive feedback to our organisation has also been backed up by the Department of Communities, Child Safety within South East Queensland, with a number of regions acknowledging the superiority of Social Care Solutions Form 3A Assessments.”

Directly from an approved foster carer, assessed by one of the team in an Initial Kinship assessment:

  • “I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your absolute professionalism during this assessment journey.
    You made me feel completely comfortable when talking with you and my initial anxiety about being under the spotlight quickly disappeared.  It actually gave me a view of what it might be like for the children [in care] . To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to seeing my childhood in words on paper for people to see but you did it so respectfully.”
  • “Just a quick note in appreciation…It’s been an absolute pleasure dealing with your assessor through the Foster Assessment process (despite her recent mobility challenges). During our engagement (and with my references) she was thorough, professional and pleasant. Your assessor is clearly passionate about her work and getting outcomes.”
  • “I had my first child for respite care last weekend! It was just lovely and she is beautiful little girl. I wanted to say thank you for all your mentoring, great case studies and your coaching. You definitely made it easier to understand what was underneath behaviours and made my first placement go so well.”

Feedback from referring agencies upon reading our assessments –

  • “This is a really great assessment – its professional but I also really get a feel for who they are as people. Great Job!”
  • “I’ve read through this assessment and think it’s really well written! I particularly like the case examples presented to the applicant; they were great!!”
  • “I feel as though I need to once again express how grateful we are to have worked alongside your service, it has been such a supportive and easy process. I have just finished reading this and I am very pleased with the content covered. It is very thorough and I do not feel there is anything missing. Thank you for your additional assistance and willingness to work with this family. You have been able to develop a trusting relationship quite early into the process.”


Intensive Family Support Program

Feedback from the Intensive Family Support program –

  • ” [The SCS IFS program] has made me go forward in my life in a short amount of time. In the past we have had workers who didn’t care about us and haven’t shown the interest or kindness you [therapist] have. It is a totally better service where you are comfortable to come to our home and spend time with us, which is better than what we have had. The service has motivated me to take better care of myself and has been a help. The difference we have seen in such a short time has been amazing, thank you.” From a Dad supporting his teenage daughter.