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Our Story

A company built by practitioners, for practitioners

Started in 2009, Social Care Solutions was born out of a desire to see higher standards in foster care assessment and training within the sector, with an emphasis on strengths-based practice and trauma-informed care provision. Over time, we have grown from one individual contractor to a team of over 60 social workers, psychologists, human service practitioners, therapists and teachers.  

Social Care Solutions is able to provide efficient, effective and independent services to agencies within the child protection, childcare and human services sectors. These services are offered Australia wide.  


We offer the following tailored packages and individualised services:  

  • General, kinship and intensive/specialist foster care assessment  

  • Training in child protection, assessment and trauma  

  • Social work supervision for students and practitioners  

  • Program planning, research and evaluation  

  • Consultancy and support for program development  

  • Intensive family and carer support packages  

  • Childcare industry training and professional development  

  • Critical debriefing  

  • Life story work  

  • Team building and development activities  

 Mel James, CEO Social Care Solutions

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Our Vision

Achieving improved outcomes for children, young people and families in Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand

  • Professional Integrity. We will work professionally, act responsibly & objectively, and meet our obligations. 

  • Quality and Excellence. We will deliver high quality services, driven by our commitment to excellence & continuous improvement. 

  • Respect. All who engage with us will be treated with unconditional regard, respect and recognised for their inherent value & worth. 

  • Passion & Enthusiasm. We will do more than complete a task or deliver a service; we are passionate about changing & improving the lives of children and young people. 

  • Innovation & Purpose. We will be disruptive and challenge conventional thinking. We will innovate; we will create; and we will work with intention, meaning and purpose. 

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Our Purpose

To provide the highest quality child protection consultancy, training, assessment & support services for carers, parents, staff and clients across the human services sector.


Our Brand Promise

Driven by purpose, powered by passion, we are changemakers creating safer futures for children

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