Jennie Adams

Retired psychologist

Master of Business, Bachelor of Psychology (First Class Honours)

After a 20-year career in business and a Masters qualification, Jennie decided to channel her curiosity and passion for understanding people into a new direction. Jennie completed her psychology studies while working part-time with families with children at risk of school suspension and expulsion and later with young people with disabilities who required alternative post-school options.

Upon graduation, Jennie coordinated a community mental health program for adults before eventually establishing a second career in child protection. Jennie also maintained a part-time counselling practice working with individuals, couples and families. Jennie quickly found her niche in child protection working with kinship and foster carers and became driven by the needs of children in out-of-home care to have safe nurturing placements that can heal their trauma and help them to be the best they can be. Jennie has worked in both field and coordinating positions and in both government and non-government agencies.

While retired from full-time employment, Jennie joined Social Care Solutions in May 2017 to continue exercising her passion for building safe family environments for children and young people.