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Shining the Spotlight on... Ashleigh Bell

Ashleigh Bell has been a shining star at Social Care Solutions since first joining us in late 2020 as an assessor. Over her time with Social Care Solutions, Ashleigh's fastidious attention to detail and exceptional dedication to quality has seen her take on roles within our Quality Assurance team, as well as complete specialty assessment work and be a coach and mentor to other practitioners. More recently, Ashleigh has excitingly been promoted to the role of QLD Team Leader.

Ashleigh's move into the QLD Team Leader role has been seamless, with her being someone everyone enjoys working with due to her warmth, reliability and commitment to excellence in assessment outcomes. Social Care Solutions have hit the jackpot having someone like Ashleigh supporting our team of assessors and trainers in QLD.

Ashleigh has worked professionally in both government and non-government agencies since 2012, including roles ranging from child protection intervention to intensive family support. Ashleigh has gained an understanding of the importance of all those involved working collaboratively for the client or child to feel safe and supported and this is evident in the work she produces and how she supports the Social Care Solutions team.

Social Care Solutions' continual growth is in fabulous hands with Ashleigh in the QLD Team Leader role.


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