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Celebrating Our CEO’s Featured Article: "Beyond Profit: The Purpose-Driven Journey of a Social Enterprise"

We are proud to announce that our CEO, Mel James, has been featured in 'Friends with Benefits,' a blog series by Muse Communications.

Muse Communications was founded by Alana, a fellow female entrepreneur and business owner who shares Mel's passion for making a positive impact. Alana's work in empowering small enterprises through innovative marketing strategies aligns perfectly with our values of passion, enthusiasm, innovation, and purpose at Social Care Solutions. Like us, Alana believes in being disruptive and challenging conventional thinking. She strives to innovate, create, and work with intention, meaning, and purpose, reflecting the same principles that drive us to improve the lives of children and young people.

In her article, "Beyond Profit: The Purpose-Driven Journey of a Social Enterprise," Mel explores our commitment to positive social impact over profit, offering valuable insights into our purpose and how we use those profits to do more work, effect more change, and engage in creative, innovative projects to address gaps in the systems we work within. A key difference for us is hiring team members with lived experience, which enriches our work. Our team is 97% female, including a full female executive. We hire mothers returning to work post-maternity leave, foster and kinship carers, people with disabilities, and those who care for children or partners with disabilities. "We are guided by a social purpose, not profit. We are here to enrich, support, and sustain our community, our families, our children. And I can't think of a better way to work," - Mel James, CEO

Read the full article here.


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