In early June, Mel had the pleasure of travelling to Cairns where she delivered a two-day workshop to representatives of local foster care agencies, focusing on best practice for assessment writing.  Providing insight into ways of writing assessments with a Strengths-based practice framework, combined with the new Child Protection framework, the focus was on how to complete an assessment process, rather than ‘fill in the boxes’. Attendees of the course provided some wonderful feedback, noting Mel’s engaging style and how beneficial it was to learn the skills behind quality assessment writing, including confrontation and challenging skills, using case scenarios and evidencing the Statement of Standards.

“Really enjoyed the training.  Exceeded my expectations”.
“Provided information to key questions I had prior to attending.  Not formula for writing documents but skills, requirements needed for quality assessment.”
“Very valuable, worthwhile and informative.”
“Engaging, fantastic content, well delivered material, practical.”
“Enjoyed Mel’s style, enjoyable easy to stay focused.”
“Very passionate, which encouraged everyone to become engaged.”
“Recommend all assessors need to complete before commencing writing assessments.”