In May 2018, Social Care Solutions held its first ever national conference in the beautiful Byron Bay. With team members from around the country coming together to complete training and staff development activities, the SCS team enjoyed three days of great fun, food, sunshine and team bonding. Sessions included training in the Step by Step assessment tool, a session on Three Houses tool by one of o2018 Conference3ur child psychologists and a skill development session from our Senior Peer Mentors on ‘digging deeper’ in our assessment writing. Team activities such as yoga on the beach helped to ensure this was a mindful, healthy and invigorating weekend for all.

Feedback from the team was positive: “The location was perfect. The training was perfect. The food was perfect. More, more, more!!!”  “Thank you so much for organising such an amazing weekend. Great combination of “work stuff” and “relaxing stuff”.”  “Excellent opportunity to meet everyone in the flesh and develop relationships because of the comparative isolation of each one of us. And a truly rewarding experience that left me/us all feeling truly valued. Thank you.”

Building off the success of this year, the planning for the 2019 Conference has already begun!