Wendy McHugh

Head of Department & Teacher (Special Education)

B Arts, B Ed Stud, Dip T (Primary), Cert IV Training and Assessment

Wendy retired in 2014 from full-time employment, after 33 years service in the primary, secondary and disability sectors of education in Queensland. She has been a classroom teacher and head of department, working in both urban and rural schools.

For the last 13 years of her career, Wendy worked in the Special Education sector, giving direct support to young people in the classroom; as a specialist teacher, skilled in language and literacy teaching and behaviour management. A significant part of her role outside the classroom was case management for young people with disabilities, to support them and their families whilst they were at school; and to develop pathways for employment and training opportunities post-school. In addition, Wendy’s role included mentoring classroom teachers and modelling in her own teaching, best practices in language and literacy development, behaviour management and inclusive teaching practices.

Wendy found this work deeply satisfying, motivating and inspiring.

Wendy has also enjoyed ongoing involvement in the not-for-profit sector as a volunteer with community based organisations involved in education and training, business development, community development, community arts and festivals. She has contributed in a variety of positions on executive committees and specialises in grant acquisition, project management and acquittal. She has a fine eye for detail and looks to find the hidden stories, untapped resources and unique links that enrich communities.

Wendy enjoys working as part of a team and is committed to ensuring that everyone on the team is valued, respected and provided with support and opportunities to achieve to the best of their ability.