Nicole Carter

Social Worker

BSW, DipSW with Distinction

Nicole Carter is a Social Worker who works with youth, women, and families dealing with trauma, abuse, domestic violence, relationship breakdown, behaviour difficulties and mental health issues. Nicole’s work includes counselling and support, risk and complex biopsychosocial assessments, kinship and foster care assessments, professional supervision, and facilitating training in the areas of trauma, attachment, change management, suicide awareness, strength based practice, and stress management.

After spending 20 years working in the social services industry primarily in the areas of youth mental health, disability, and complex to extreme behaviours, Nicole believes that achieving the best outcomes for youth at risk involves practitioners exercising a high degree of competency, leadership, consistency, and evidence-based practice in their work. Great outcomes are also reliant on a practitioner’s ability to work in partnership with the young person’s family members, other mental health practitioners, youth workers, and relevant community and government organizations.

Nicole has successfully tailored risk management strategies and programs of support for children and youth, in Canada and Australia, with multiple challenges and has trained, supported, and supervised youth workers, foster carers, and family members to be therapeutically responsive in meeting the behavioural or mental health needs of the young person at risk whether it was in residential, foster care, or at home setting.

Nicole obtained her Diploma of Social Work, with Distinction from Grant MacEwan University in Canada and her Bachelor of Social Work degree from Charles Stuart University, Australia.