Carmen Bonner

QLD Operations Manager

Degree Bachelor Behavioural Science (Psyc/Dis)

Having worked in the Disability Sector and Child Protection for 20 years in the United Kingdom and Australia, Carmen has obtained extensive knowledge in many aspects of Child Protection and providing services to children with disabilities in foster care, residential care and residential schools.  Carmen has eight years’ experience managing teams to support complex children with disabilities and challenging behaviours in individualised residential settings and specialist foster care across QLD.  At times Carmen has managed teams consisting of 200 staff and 100 clients with complex needs.  Carmen has run numerous training and coaching sessions to staff working in the disability and child protection arena.

Carmen joined the Social Care Solutions team in December 2016. Her passion of finding appropriate and supportive solutions for complex children who “don’t fit the current system”, and hearing their views, remains central in all the work that she does.